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Trinity Youth League

In 2013, TEDC began the Trinity Youth League (TYL) which is under the direction of the Youth Director, Willie Bradford, Jr. TYL serves the Charleston, Mississippi community and currently offers football and basketball sports for children ages 6 to 11. The youth league allows children to get involved in extra-curricular activities while teaching them the fundamentals of sports and the value of sportsmanship at an early age. TYL is part of the Mississippi Youth Activities Association and participates with other local-area teams in North and Central Mississippi in areas such as Panola, Lafayette, Coahoma, Grenada, and Leflore Counties.



 To witness individual growth in players academic and personal life

 Respect and display appreciation for diverse personalities with each player role for the team

 Install emotional and physical self-control, good sportsmanship, and a positive attitude

 Never engage in activities detrimental to the team progress

 Inform players of the traits needed to be successful such as accountability and responsibility

 To exhibit and maintain a fun, positive, enthusiastic atmosphere


  Youth and leadership



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To download the 2014 Trinity Youth League Registration Form, click here.


Lincoln (Buddy) Smith

(662) 647-4824

Willie Bradford, Jr.

(662) 647-1766