Trinity Educators

Development Corporation, Inc.
promoting education, environmental conservation, health & wellness



The mission of The Trinity Educators Development Corporation, Inc. is to preserve and expand quality affordable housing throughout the communities that we service. To accomplish this mission, directly or through its subsidiaries, Trinity Educators Development Corporation Community Housing Development Organization:

      • Acquires, rehabilitates, builds, and manages quality affordable housing

      • Enhances the vitality of the neighborhoods in which affordable housing is located

      • Develops and implements community life programs in those neighborhoods

      • Provide Homebuyer Education and Financial Literacy classes to individuals seeking affordable housing


Over the next 5 years, guided by the Trinity Educators Development Corporation, Inc. aims to accomplish the key goals and objectives:

      • Assuring the continued sustainability and growth of Trinity Educators Development Corporation, Inc.

      • Develop at least two new quality affordable multifamily and elderly units.

      • Increase the number of families assisted through various affordable housing programs.

      • Develop long range plans to acquire, demolish, relocate, and develop affordable housing in blighted


      • Assure vital “neighborhoods of choice” for quality affordable homes of Trinity Educators Development

        Corporation, Inc. through comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategies.

      • Provide a broad array of quality community life programs to and for Trinity Educators Development

        Corporation, Inc. housing residents (and their neighbors and neighborhoods) to assist residents in moving

        toward market rate apartment homes and home ownership.

      • Providing excellent customer service.

      • Assist other owners to improve their management skills and preserve and improve their affordable apartment


      • Continuing to be, and to be widely recognized, as the premier nonprofit community development and housing

         development organization in the State of Mississippi.


Core values are the fundamental ideals of the Trinity Educators Development Corporation. They include:

      • Conducting business with honesty and integrity

      • Pursuing excellence and leadership in all endeavors

      • Using best practices in accountability and stewardship of resources

      • Acting as an exemplary partner, neighbor and landlord in the communities in which we work

      • Working cooperatively with community stakeholders, board members, staff, volunteers, State Agencies, and

         Federal agencies to achieve Trinity Educators Development Organizations’ mission.

      • Respecting, embracing, and nurturing diversity.


Trinity Educators Development Organization, Inc. applies these guiding principles to achieve its mission:

      • Protecting the affordability of housing

      • Seeking opportunities to expand and preserve affordable housing

      • Providing affordable housing that meets or exceeds the quality standards of market rate housing

      • Understanding the relationship between affordable housing and the surrounding neighborhoods

      • Supporting related service to residents and owners that build and sustain economically and socially diverse


      • Seeking responses from residents, neighbors, partners, and other stakeholders to help assure the delivery of high

         quality services

      • Maintaining a diverse community based organization widely representative of the communities in which we


To download a copy of the Mississippi Housing Application, click here.

To download a copy of the Mississippi Housing Application, click here.